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| Authority Role |

| Designating the general policies for developing and improving the province.

| Preparing, adopting and updating the province’s comprehensive strategic plans, studies and schemes in addition to its programs.

| Reviewing the development plans, programs and projects in connection with the Authority works, and set up by the governmental bodies, authorities, public and private institutions and associations to ensure the achievement of a balanced development within the province.

| Reviewing and adopting land divisions schemes.

| Setting up building controls and designating the lands that contribute to the development schemes to improve the province.

| Setting up the required programs, foundations and procedures, and the promotion of methods to enable the private sector to achieve the development objectives, performing and overseeing the projects and services within the province.

| Creating and managing database and information systems to create a unified platform and provide a main reference for the bodies developing and improving the province.

| Arranging the priorities of executing the programs and projects within the province in accordance with the development plans.

| Suggesting confiscating and expropriating of some properties to develop the province in coordination with the competent bodies in preparation for accomplishing the legal procedures in connection therewith.

| Coordinating and regulating the efforts exerted from the competent bodies in the course of developing and improving the province according to the scheduled studies and plans.

| Direct overseeing and surveillance on planning and executing the strategic programs and projects in addition to all related operation and maintenance works.

| Following up planning the infrastructure projects in coordinating with the competent authorities.

| Following up the execution of the programs and projects within the province, taking all required actions to guarantee their performance in coordination with the competent authorities, applying the performance index, and measuring the efficiency of the urban performance in the light of the adopted objectives of the development plans.

| Overseeing the rehabilitation of the existing construction neighborhoods, including the historical neighborhoods, improving, taking up, improving and developing the slums neighborhoods urban, social, economic, security and environmental terms, and taking all required actions to ensure the execution thereof.