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Privacy and confidentiality policy


Sharqia Development Authority will not collect any personal information about you unless you choose to provide and provide this information to us through the communication channels shown on this website, as this information is not exploited or used for another (legal) purpose outside the framework of the completion and processing of your request whenever the purpose is service available.

We would inform you that hosting systems automatically record visitors' information related to their browsing operations to improve the overall performance of this website.

Website Privacy

To achieve security standards on this website, and to ensure that the information and services provided are protected and to be available to all visitors, Sharqia Development Authority to monitors data streaming to and from the website to protect this website and uncover unauthorized access attempts, or attempts to change or disable the contents. It is also strictly forbidden to make unauthorized access attempts to this website, or any of its systems, or attempts to change its contents, disrupt access to it, or attempts to harm the website in any way.

The authority has the right to take measures it deems appropriate to protect information or against misuse of this website, and the authority reserves its legal right to prosecute the perpetrators under the (Anti-Information Crime Law) and the relevant legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Intellectual property

Copyright, information and available materials on the website of Sharqia Development Authority are assets owned by the authority. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, publish, or use it in a manner contrary to what it was published for, or to be used for personal goals and interests without prior written permission from the Authority.

The Links of external websites

Links of external websites shall be provided managed by third parties are provided without any responsibility for the privacy and confidentiality policy adopted therein.

Sharqia Development Authority social media account

Social media accounts are one of the official channels of the Authority, with no responsibility for the privacy and confidentiality policy adopted on these platforms. The Board does not adopt any of the comments, opinions or replies provided by visitors to the Authority’s accounts on social media.

Personal information Protection

Sharqia Development Authority shall keep confidential the personal information of the visitor and to disclose it only with its written consent, except in cases where the law requires disclosure.

In case of inquiries or opinions about privacy and confidentiality policy, the management of the website shall be communicated through the communication channels shown on the Contact Us page